The Future of Horses

with The Everyday Horseman Marc lovatt – Building sustainability back into our planet through the teaching of traditional horsemanship skills for everyday life

Looking to the past for the future of horses.  Horses have had a huge impact on the development of mankind, without them so many of our achievements would have been impossible.  We relied on them so heavily that we forgot to stop and thank them in our ever faster race to get further ahead, to develop and to just have more.  Bigger farms, for greater food production turned to tractors, chemicals and mono-culture; the horse and carriage was replaced by cars for faster travel.  But these new technologies have come with a cost and have left us out of sync with the planet that we live on.  We’ve all heard about reducing our carbon emissions and preserving the qualities of the soils in which we grow our food, so we look to the future and developing ways of a more sustainable living.

For us, and for many others, a solution is compassionate horsemanship, together with advances in green sciences.  Working sympathetically with horses to help everyday people go about their lives with less of an impact on the environment.  From carriage driving and riding horses to the local shops, deliveries by horse and carriage, to working with horses on the farm harvesting, cutting, logging and transporting.

There is a lot more research to be done but we are so lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge from previous generations, and from people like Marc Lovatt who are putting this knowledge into practice and teaching others.  Although Marc has been working in this field for decades, learning and preserving knowledge from grass cutting in the Royal Parks, to riding horses everyday, he is new to putting this information online, so please bear with us as we start the process of putting this information online.

If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact Marc directly, and if you would like to stay updated about the future of horses and Marc Lovatt’s horsemanship, alongside the complimentary work of The Cavalry of Heroes, please sign up to our adventure newsletter below.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Driving Horse and Carriage, Herefordshire and Wales
The Cavalry of Heroes - Driving Horse and Carriage, Herefordshire and Wales
The Cavalry of Heroes - Driving horse - Long reining with harrow

“This generation doesn’t mark the end of our partnership with horses… it’s a new beginning” – Marc Lovatt

Medieval Wedding at Bolton Castle with knights and horses provided by The Cavalry of Heroes Ltd

*NEW* Vlog adventures

Join Marc in his adventures through his vlog, covering lots of everyday horse activities from behind the scenes at The Cavalry of Heroes to carriage driving and teaching traditional horsemanship skills.  Even his adventures as a knight on horseback and on set.  All the while treating the horses with the utmost respect and appreciation.  Watch now…


The Cavalry of Heroes - Wedding Carriage, horse driving, country, single, Herefordshire and Wales

Learning to Drive a horse and Carriage

Learning to drive a horse and carriage safely and with high standards of horse welfare; giving us a great option for fun and also help reduce carbon emissions.  Learning from the past to help the future.  From one-to-one lessons to online courses, Marc calmly and thoughtfully teaches the traditional skill of driving a horse and carriage.  Once you start carriage driving you open up this incredible world of horsemanship on an entirely different level.  More details are available here.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Teaching Horse to Drive in Harness, Herefordshire and Wales

Training Horses to Drive

Marc is fully insured and experienced to train horses into harness.  We have a selection of carriages, agricultural training equipment and harness to get horses used to driving.  All is done with the safety of the horses and drivers in mind.  Training livery is available at our HQ near Hay-on-Wye, Wales.  See here for more details.

Arena Demos

Training Demos for arenas about working sustainability with horses.  Discussions and presentations around training techniques from Marc Lovatt  in training horses with compassion to be highly versatile and dependable, incl. driving carriages and trick riding, to the role of horses and carriages in specific periods through-out history.  More details available here.

OnLine Courses

For learning from home if you can’t get to our HQ

We want to spread our message of building sustainability back into our planet through the teaching of traditional horsemanship skills for everyday life as far as possible, and we realise that you can’t always make it to our HQ here in Wales, so we’ve created these online courses just for you.

From how to drive a horse and carriage, harnessing up and the different formations, to specifics about agricultural work with horses, see our courses here.

We’re adding new courses regularly and if you would like to be the first to hear about Marc’s new courses please sign up to our adventure newsletter below.

If you would like to learn to drive a horse and carriage in person with Marc please contact us to check availability – a good place to start is our half day carriage driving experience (available as a gift certificate).

Marc Lovatt Horses and Carriages Introduction to Driving a Horse and Carriage Course Online Cover Image
Marc Lovatt Horses and Carriages Teaching Harnessing Up Horses Cover Image

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