Horse Riding and Carriage Driving Lessons for Actors

with Marc lovatt

In person and online, Marc is fully insured and experienced to teach carriage driving and horse riding.  His calm and reassuring approach has benefited many riders and has helped improve the confidence of actors being around horses on set.     

Riding a horse or driving a cart as an actor on set is very different to everyday riding, with much more to consider and many more distractions for the horses, just being around horses on set may feel a little more daunting that usual.  Don’t worry, that’s where a little bit of prep before hand, either in person or online, can really help.  Marc offers horse riding and carriage driving lessons specifically for actors.  We can either come to a riding establishment near you, or you can come to us at one of our bases near Oxford or near Hay-on-Wye, on the Welsh border.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Horse and Carriage - County Tweed Bennington, Herefordshire and Wales
The Cavalry of Heroes - Wedding Carriage, horse driving, country, single, Herefordshire and Wales

Learn about Driving, Riding In and Acting Around Horse Drawn Carriages

A two hour session with Marc Lovatt learning about driving carriages and what it’s like to ride in and act around a carriage on set.  From the different types of carriage you can expect to see (incl. grand landau carriages to farm carts) to the basics of how to drive a horse and cart like your character has been doing all their life.  Lots of opportunity for actual interaction with the horses and carriages and plenty of time for questions.  Contact us to check availabilty and to book. 

The Cavalry of Heroes - Teaching Horse to Drive in Harness, Herefordshire and Wales

Introduction to Being around Horses on Set

A combination of horse basics 101 to boost your confidence and what differences you can expect to see when on set.  For actors as well as any crew member who is likely to find themselves working with horses on set.  A fun two hour session, where you are introduced to our horses before being given one of our lovely horses to look after yourself.  Lots of useful information to increase your confidence when it comes to working with horses on set and plenty of time for questions.  Contact us to check availability and to book.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Teaching Horse to Drive in Harness, Herefordshire and Wales

Riding Horses on Set

Marc is fully insured and qualified to teach horse riding.  His calm and reassuring manner combined with his years of experience on set makes this a useful experience for anyone who is likely to need to ride a horse on set.  Encompassing the basics such as approaching, leading, mounting and dismounting as well as more complicated scenarios such as riding in costume, holding weapons, riding to a mark and delivering lines.  This is a two hour session and exclusively available to actors.  Contact us to check availability and to book.  

The Cavalry of Heroes - Jousting Knights, Herefordshire and Wales

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riding Lessons

Marc is fully insured and qualified to teach horse riding and can be booked to work with you and your own horse for more beginner, intermediate and advanced horse riding lessons.  Marc can come to you at your yard and work with you and your horse to develop your riding skills.  Concentrating firmly on the foundations of riding his calm and reassuring but ultimately fun lessons help improve your skill and your connection with your horse.  Contact us to check availability and to book.

OnLine Courses

For learning from home if you can’t get to our HQ

Coming soon!  We are working on creating a series of online courses just for actors and for crew working with horses in the film and tv industry.  We are almost there!

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Marc Lovatt Horses and Carriages Introduction to Driving a Horse and Carriage Course Online Cover Image

“This generation doesn’t mark the end of our partnership with horses… it’s a new beginning” – Marc Lovatt

The Future of Horses

Building sustainability back into our planet through the teaching of traditional horsemanship skills for everyday life.

Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving

Learning to drive a horse and carriage safely and with high standards of horse welfare; giving us a great option for fun and also help reduce carbon emissions.  Learning from the past to help the future.

Horse Drawn Carriages…



From online courses to one-to-one instruction from Marc Lovatt, there are a variety of courses to choose from to help you work with horses everyday.  New online courses are added monthly.


Arena Demos

Arena Demos

Training Demos for arenas about working sustainability with horses.  Discussions and presentations around training techniques from Marc Lovatt  in training horses with compassion to be highly versatile and dependable, incl. driving carriages and trick riding, to the role of horses and carriages in specific periods through-out history.


Training horses

Training horses

Marc is fully insured and experienced to train horses into harness.  We have a selection of carriages, agricultural training equipment and harness to get horses used to driving.  All is done with the safety of the horses and drivers in mind.

Training Horses to drive

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