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Founder of The Cavalry of HEroes – Producing multi-skilled horses, riders and drivers through compassionate training and teaching

“Hi, I’m Marc Lovatt and I compassionately train horses to ride and drive in a carriage.   I have great fun working with all of my horses as they become brave all-rounders and perform in our live shows with The Cavalry of Heroes and the go on to work with us on film and TV sets.   I strongly believe that horses are an integral part of our world and I’d like to show you a bit of what goes on behind the scenes to train the horses and as we try to preserve some of the traditional horse training knowledge for future generations (as well as some fun trick training!).

In 2014 I set up The Cavalry of Heroes to provide quality, safe, horses for hire for film and TV productions and to entertain with fun, action-packed live horse shows. My mission continues to be to train a wide variety of horses to their full potential who join us on our adventures; strong and healthy horses, who are happy in their work.  I’m supported by our team of professional good guys; riders and grooms, and look forward to getting to know you.” 

“This generation doesn’t mark the end of our partnership with horses… it’s a new beginning” – Marc Lovatt 

The Cavalry of Heroes - Wedding Horse and Carriage, driving horse, country, Herefordshire and Wales


From one-to-one lessons to online courses, Marc calmly and thoughtfully teaches the traditional skill of driving a horse and carriage.  Once you start carriage driving you open up this incredible world of horsemanship on an entirely different level.  Marc teaches traditional coachman style just like he did when he worked at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace.

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As part of an event, or for your riding school, Marc is available with his horses for demos.  From countryside arena demonstrations of carriage driving and agricultural work for a sustainable future, to trick riding and jousting demonstrations for a bit of fun; all with a focus on compassionately training his horses to want to partner in the adventure.


Medieval Wedding at Bolton Castle with knights and horses provided by The Cavalry of Heroes Ltd

Training Film Horses

Join Marc in his adventures through his training horses channel, covering lots of everyday horse activities from behind the scenes at The Cavalry of Heroes to carriage driving and teaching traditional horsemanship skills.  Even his adventures as a knight on horseback and on set.  All the while treating the horses with the utmost respect and appreciation.

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Wedding Horse and Carriage from The Cavalry of Heroes featuring a pair of Appaloosa's and Landau Carriage with Marc Lovatt as Head Coachman and Carriage Master, taken at Malvern College, Worcestershire, Midlands

Riding Lessons for Actors

Specifically for actors only, Marc is a qualified PTT BHS riding instructor which when coupled with his years of experience on set as well as his calm but fun nature reassures and strengthens confidence for actors when on set.  Giving actors the confidence to ride while reciting lines and feeling comfortable around horses.

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My Driving Horses

Meet some of My Driving Horses

We have horses that are used for agricultural work (harrowing and grass cutting) and others that are purely used to pull carriages, and you can learn to drive them all in a safe and experienced environment.  Our Friesian Asgard is a delight to drive and so is our big heavyweight cob Guinness who is also excellent at logging.  Our pair of Appaloosa’s are half brothers who love nothing better than being in harness pulling a carriage and you will see them at many a wedding and show.

Zorro & D'artagnon

Zorro & D'artagnon

16.1hh | Black | Friesians

Zorro, like his friend D’artagnon, is a gentle soul and has lots and lots of presence.  He looks to his human friends for playtime and trusts Marc so much that he is really brave in new situations.  From being on film sets and driving carriages through London to jousting as the Dark Knight’s horse.  He makes friends with every horse in the herd and every cat, chicken and human on the yard!  Since we first got him he has put on lots of muscle and is super strong, especially pulling carriages by himself of with his friends in pairs and teams.

Harry & Apollo

Harry & Apollo

15.2hh | Appaloosa | Geldings

Our gangster pair of brothers!  Always together and creating mischief these two have never been separated.  They dote on each other and absolutely love performing.  They drive a carriage together as a pair and joust in many of our shows.  Apollo is slightly younger one and he has the white nose while Harry (fully name Harry Potter!) has the black nose with the black Poirot style moustache.  You may recognise them as the horses in the Mumford and Sons Beloved music video among their many appearances on screen. 

Guinness & BAtman

Guinness & BAtman

15.3hh | Black | Cobs

Our traditional cobs with the biggest, most loveable hearts.  With strong pulling power and masses of white feather on their feet, these boys suit our more country style carts and wagons.  They really enjoy every job that they set their minds to and love to give hugs.  They go as a pair in a carriage and also as a team of four with our Friesians.  Guinness is the head of the herd and Batman is his sidekick, especially when they are out in the field together.  

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Hiring Horse Drawn Carriages

Marc’s horses and carriages are available to hire for Film and TV work, events, special occasions and weddings.  By clicking on one of these links you will be taken to another part of The Cavalry of Heroes site for more information, alternatively feel free to contact Marc should you have any questions about hiring horses and horse drawn carriages.

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Sulgrave Manor - Medieval Tudor Wedding - Jousting Tournament with The Cavalry of Heroes - The Golden Knight Marc Lovatt

Live Shows and Performances

Marc is an integral part of the equestrian display team of The Cavalry of Heroes.  From Medieval Jousting to Trick Riding and Stunt Shows, providing family fun main arena entertainment.  Marc uses his horse training skills to train The Cavalry of Heroes Live Shows horses and if you would like to see where they are performing next, click our link to be taken over to the Event Calendar on our Live Shows section of The Cavalry of Heroes website.

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