World War 1 Horses and Heroes: 100 year Anniversary

Marking the centenary of World War 1

To mark the 100 year anniversary of World War One, we have created a special show remembering the role that the horses and soldiers (our heroes) played in The Great War.  Combining tricks and stunts on horseback with a great music score, sing-a-long and a final cavalry charge.   Poignant and dignified, a respectful way to mark this momentous event. 

Bookings for this show are now CLOSED.  Thank you for everyone who came to watch the show in 2018.  We had some really lovely comments and are so gratefully that we were able to mark this very momentous event. 

Show Organisers: If you are interested in a World War One Show from The Cavalry of Heroes please Contact Us as bespoke displays are available and can be written and produced specifically for your event (with enough time!)

Also consider our Cavalry through the Ages Show which honours all horses who have been into battle (as light-hearted as possible while still being educative and respectful) and provides a tour-de-force of cavalry from the time of Romans to WW1 for your main arena entertainment.  Catherine, of The Cavalry of Heroes who commentates for the show, specialises in horses in war and particularly women riders.  Find her blog here.

Hi, I saw your display at the Shrewsbury flower show and just felt the need to say how moving I found the WW1 tribute.  It was so well staged, hitting just the right note.  The weather added to the atmosphere for the audience, bringing just a small taste of how awful it all must have been.  Well done all of you for a truly memorable event, I have a little tear now remembering it.  I wish all your team all the very best, may you continue to entertain and educate for years to come.  Pamela Jacobs, Visitor at Shrewsbury Flower Show

“Just a quick mail to say congratulations on such a performance at Shrewsbury Flower Show, a really moving scene set by both horses and riders.  A real tribute to those horses, mules and donkeys lost in war.  Thank you.” Madeline Lucas, Visitor at Shrewsbury Flower Show

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“A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre”

World War One Horses and Heroes – 100 year anniversary