Georgian Trick Riding & Highwayman Adventure

Highwaymen vs Musketeers: An action-packed 18th Century Adventure!

Featuring handsome and heroic musketeers, a Queen and our infamous highwayman and his bandits.  From imaginative trick riding and a romantic horse dance display, to a final battle and sword-fight, this adventure takes your visitors through betrayal, love and loss, as the Musketeers protect the Queen and fight against the Highwayman and his bandits. 

Our interactive main arena display creates an engaging story for your visitors and features The Cavalry of Heroes’ stunning horses and beautiful costumes all set to a captivating and energetic soundtrack.  Further details below:

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We tailor all our shows to individual venues and events to be sure of providing the best possible entertainment for your visitors.  We’re family friendly while at the same time  giving high energy skilled performances from both stunning horses and great experienced horsemen.

Shows are split into 2 x 30 minute performances or 1 x 45 minute performance per day and this particular show can be combined with our Medieval Jousting Main Arena Display to provide double the action for your main arena entertainment.

To have the full effect of this particular arena display we would recommend the full six or eight horse performance and will require an arena with a minimum size of 60m x 60m (larger if possible).  We do have options available for smaller arenas as well including a four horse display so please contact us using our online form or call us to find out more.

We provide lots of extras including meet and greet with the riders and the horses between shows, site visits and multiple transport options to name a few.

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“Thank you all so much for the splendid shows.  They were really entertaining and the riders – and horses – superb.  Your horses are really wonderful”  Show Organiser, Kinver Country Show

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To book or for more information:

Send an enquiry and book via our online form or alternatively if you would prefer to talk with us about the options available and any questions you may have please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email.

Bookings are now open for 2019 – Click here to BOOK

“A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre”

Highwaymen vs Musketeers: An action-packed 18th Century Georgian Adventure!

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