WW1: Horses and Heroes

To show our respect to the horses and soldiers involved in World Wars, we have created a special show remembering the role that the horses and soldiers (our heroes) played in The Great War.  Combining tricks and stunts on horseback with a great music score, sing-a-long and a final cavalry charge.   Poignant and dignified, a respectful way to mark this period of history. 

Hi, I saw your display at the Shrewsbury flower show and just felt the need to say how moving I found the tribute.  It was so well staged, hitting just the right note.  The weather added to the atmosphere for the audience, bringing just a small taste of how awful it all must have been.  Well done all of you for a truly memorable event, I have a little tear now remembering it.  I wish all your team all the very best, may you continue to entertain and educate for years to come.  Pamela Jacobs, Visitor at Shrewsbury Flower Show

“Just a quick mail to say congratulations on such a performance at Shrewsbury Flower Show, a really moving scene set by both horses and riders.  A real tribute to those horses, mules and donkeys lost in war.  Thank you.” Madeline Lucas, Visitor at Shrewsbury Flower Show

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“A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre”

War Horses and Heroes