Field of Cloth of Gold – 500 Year Anniversary Arena Show

Celebrating the 500 year anniversary of Henry VIII’s Grandest Jousting Tournament: The Field of Cloth of Gold

Specially created to mark the 500 year anniversary since Henry VIII’s grand tournament at the Field of Cloth of Gold, this main arena show features NEW jousting characters based on the contestants who actually competed at the Tournament!  With Knights in shining armour performing alongside beautiful horses to entertain and inform your visitors about this jousting tournament of epic proportions. 

Performed by our team of professional stunt and trick riders who have worked on film sets across Europe including Game of Thrones, Britannia, Merlin and King Arthur to name but a few, our semi-choreographed jousting performances ensure that no two shows are the same, with the Knights genuinely trying to score points at every turn and following a two part story of an up-and-coming young knight as he fights his way to the ultimate challenge of jousting against not one, but two, of the most remembered Kings in history.

From two horse jousts in smaller arenas where our Knights play to the crowds, to six or eight horse jousts at large country shows when you need to make an impact.  A great story, continuous action and personalised commentary make our arena displays interactive and fantastic for families.

Talking of Kings, we have the added bonus of being able to offer you a complete Medieval Package featuring Henry VIII and His Six Wives, as well as a full Jousting Tournament for your event!  That’s 14 main characters, 4 x 30 minute performances plus interactive meet and greet through-out your event opening times.

Plus, we have specially commissioned a NEW Medieval Tent for our performances in 2020 modelled on the artwork of The Field of Cloth of Gold from the Historical Royal Collection as well as new armour and costumes to make this show as grand as possible!

Stand by for more photos and links to our ‘Making of… The Field of Cloth of Gold Show’ to be added shortly and if you would like more information on the Field of Cloth of Gold and its 500 year anniversary take a look at our blog here.


We tailor all our shows to individual venues and events to be sure of providing the best possible main arena entertainment for your visitors.

Arena displays are split into 2 x 30 minute shows or 1 x 45 minute show per day and the entertainment doesn’t stop there, with meet and greet with the Knights between performances and a camp for people to see the horses, there is entertainment throughout your show opening times.

“Me and my girls loved watching you all yesterday at Oulton park you all looked amazing and were so friendly..thank you for a fantastic performance.”  Caryl Poole Downie

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Celebrating the 500 year anniversary of Henry VIII’s Grandest Jousting Tournament: The Field of Cloth of Gold with Medieval Jousting Arena Displays from The Cavalry of Heroes