Henry VIII Living History Show

Presenting Henry VIII and his Six Wives: a great addition to any of our Medieval Jousting Shows, but also wonderful entertainment in their own right; enchanting your guests and visitors with wit and humour to bring your venue to Tudor Life through Medieval Living History and Re-enactment with this most famous King and his Wives. 

Available on Half Day and Full Day Rates with Special Packages including 2 x 30 minute Displays for the 500 year Anniversary of The Field of Cloth of Gold

We are privileged to work with the top performers in living history who entertain as the most recognisable figures in English Tudor History.  Dressed superbly in stunning costumes ready to interact with your visitors and guests, this team of historians, writers, actors and professional entertainers engage visitors with thoughtful and knowledgeable tales of the Tudor Court in a fun and light-hearted way.  Purposefully parading and drawing a crowd wherever they go, chatting with visitors and posing for photographs, bringing your event and venue to Tudor life.  Characters include:

Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Catherine Parr, Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount, Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Seymour, Charles Brandon, Thomas Cromwell, Elizabeth I (young and old).

30 Minute Shows and Displays

An Audience with Henry VIII and His Six Wives

This talented group of performers have created a unique 30 minute performance which sees Henry VIII and his Six Wives perform an interactive and engaging tale of love, marriage, loss and determination.  Suitable for all age ranges and catering for the most learned students of Tudor History as well as complete novices these shows feature individual performances from each of the characters and a competitive question and answer session with many visitors coming back for the second performance just to try and outwit His Majesty with a never before thought of question!

An Audience with Henry VIII and his Six Wives includes 2 x 30 minute displays but when not in the show Henry VIII parades with (and occasionally hides from!) all Six of his Wives across your venue, each wife knowing about the other and the intrigue and rivalry that ensues as each one wants to keep her head.  Engaging visitors through-out your opening times and across your venue, drawing in crowds and guiding your visitors through the day.

  • Unique 30 minute performances
  • Suitable for all age ranges and knowledge levels
  • Multi-lingual
  • Interactive and Engaging

Realising the importance of positive reviews to a venue, this group have contributed to many 5* reviews on Trip Adviser and go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome.  Some of the performers (including Henry VIII) are also multi-lingual.

Although often the star attraction, Henry is very often outshone by his talented wives and their remarkable achievements in their own rights which these performers have captured remarkably in their portrayal.  Although known as the wives of Henry VIII each performer has thoroughly researched the women they are portraying giving an in-depth and balanced record of their lives.

Available for private venues, public venues, corporate events and for general magnificence, if you are looking for medieval living history and re-enactment with this most famous King, then please don’t hesitate to contact us now to discuss your options.

As a group these talented performers have been performing as Henry’s Court plus holding court as Queen and her Ladies in Waiting at:

  • Berkeley Castle
  • Thoresby Hall
  • Sudeley Castle
  • Hever Castle
  • Hampton Court Castle
  • Hatfield House
  • Barrington Hall
  • Southchurch Hall
  • Peterborugh Cathedral
  • The Guildhall at Windsor

And many of the group also study early dance and have performed at:

  • Anne of Cleves House
  • Parnham House
  • Kenilworth Castle
  • Haddon Hall
  • Penshurst
  • Tamworth Castle
  • Thornbury Castle

Not to mention also supporting The Cavalry of Heroes at their Medieval Jousts across the UK and Europe!

As you would expect from these very talented and professional performers, all shows come with full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments and Performance Contract and are worth every penny, working above and beyond to bring your venue to Tudor Life!

Henry VIII and His Six Magnificent Wives Living History Show