WW1 Horses and Heroes

By The Cavalry of Heroes; A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre.

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WW1 Horses and Heroes

four, six or eight horse Main Arena Display

  Re-envisioned following the success of our special show in 2018 created to mark the 100 year anniversary of World War One and to  remember the role that the horses and soldiers had in The Great War.  Our tribute to the horses and soldiers of WW1 now includes many more of the drill rides and skills of Cavalry Officers while retaining it’s focus as a tribute to WW1 horses

Emotional and informative display combining tricks and stunts on horseback with a great music score, sing-a-long and final cavalry charge.  Poignant and dignified, a respectful way to mark this period in history.  More details for Event Organisers below:

“Just a quick email to say congratulations on such a performance at Shrewsbury Flower Show, a really moving scene set by both horses and riders.  A real tribute to those horses, mules and donkeys lost in war.  Thank you.” Madeline Lucas, Visitor

Details for Event Organisers

Our Riders are all professional trick riders and stunt men and women who work on film and tv sets across the globe and who absolutely love to act and perform.  This show in particular is close to the hearts of a lot of our crew as many have grandparents or relatives that have served their country making this one of our most heartfelt shows to perform.  Experienced best as a six or eight horse performance, in medium to extra large arenas, this display tells a story that respectfully engages, entertains and informs visitors. 

Arena displays are split into 2 x 30 minute shows (the same show performed twice) or 1 x 45 minute show per day.  If you would prefer a different morning and afternoon performance, this show can be combined with another one of our shows so that you have two different 30 minute performances on the same day.

As with our other shows, we don’t neglect your visitors at the end of our performances.  Through-out your event opening times we are available for visitors to talk to us in our set up area and find out more about some of the authentic equipment we have and the role of horses during WW1.  We find that for this show in particular, we get a lot of visitors between performances, telling us stories of their brave relatives and wanting to learn more.


A smaller version of the show is available as a one or two horse demo displaying cavalry skills with interactive question and answer sessions, and as a four horse option with the same story as the larger shows but with a smaller but still engaging drill ride.

We tailor all our shows to individual venues and events to be sure of providing the best possible main arena entertainment for your visitors.  Working with you to find out the history of your particular show or venue during WW1 to add to our commentary.

The larger shows feature tricks and stunts on horseback, following the story of a local farm boy and his friends who get recruited into the army with their horses, where they have to learn the skills required of a cavalry soldier including the discipline of a drill ride, showcasing their new skills and that of their beautiful horses.  Having sung them off to war and wishing them a speedy return the show ends with a cavalry charge across the arena and a moment of silence as we respect the fallen horses and soldiers.  To see the show from an audience perspective visit our supporters page.

We provide lots of extras including meet and great with the riders and horses between performances, site visitors, specialist knowledge of working with SSSI, Listed and Heritage sites, and multiple transport options to name a few.

We have full PLI and our Animal Activities Licence (N-PERF30) and pride ourselves on our high horse welfare standards.  All our horses are compassionately trained by Marc Lovatt.  We have an excellent safety record and you can expect full support from our coordinators. 


“I saw your display at the Shrewsbury Flower Show and just felt the need to say how moving I found the tribute.  It was so well staged, hitting just the right note.  The weather added to the atmosphere for the audience, bring just a small taste of how awful it all must have been.  Well done all of you for a truly memorable event, I have a little tear now remembering it.  I wish all your team all the very best, may you continue to entertain and educate for years to come.” Pamela James, Visitor

Prices and Booking

As mentioned above, this particular show comes in different options depending on the size of your arena.   Our one and two horse demos are suitable for smaller arenas (see our demos page here), while we can provide four, six, eight or more horse performances of the main display for medium to extra large arenas.  Our prices are on a sliding scale depending on the number of horses you would like.  

Packages start from £500 + VAT for the smaller demos and the main display starts at £1900 + VAT.  Both packages include all the necessary licences, risk assessments, performance agreement, proper full PLI insurance to keep everyone safe, personalisation of our performances tailored to your show or venue, coordinator support as well as ground crew and local travel.

Discounts are offered for registered charities, for multiple consecutive days and for multiple bookings across one year.  We are a UK registered company and VAT registered.  If required we can provide a full arena with PA system and barriers for a self-contained set up or quick turnaround times for main arenas.

If you would like to enquire about us performing at your event or for a quote please contact us via our Show Enquiry section below or contact Marc or Catherine via phone or email.   We’re happy to talk through options with you and any questions you may have and we can always make time to come to you for site recces and in person discussions.

“A massive thank you from us.  You were fantastic to work with, nothing was a problem, your replies were quick, paperwork was all up to date and sent swiftly, so again, thank you!” ES Promotions

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