Highwayman Adventure Trick Riding Display

By The Cavalry of Heroes; A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre.

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Highwayman Adventure Trick Riding Display

six or eight horse Trick Riding Main Arena Display

Featuring handsome and heroic musketeers protecting their Queen against our rogue highwayman and his bandits performing an action-packed trick riding show with stunt riding sequences on their noble horses.

Watch your visitors imagination sparkle in our fresh trick riding show with swashbuckling sword fights, beautiful choreography, runaway horses and a Queen in love.  Taking visitors through a colourful adventure as the Musketeers protect their Queen and fight against the Highwayman and his bandits.  More details for Event Organisers below:

“Thank you all so much for the splendid shows.  They were really entertaining and the riders – and horses – superb.  Your horses are really wonderful.” Jane, Kinver County Show

Details for Event Organisers

Queen: “Now, this is story all about how, my life got flipped, turned upside down.  Just take take a minute, and take a chance, I’ll tell you how I became the captured Queen of France.  It all started when…”

Highwayman: “Stand and Deliver, your money or your life!”

Queen: “Seeing as I was broke at the time having just tried to feed the nation with lots of cake, things weren’t looking very hopeful for me…”

Combining our Riders talents as professional trick riders and stunt men and women who work on film and tv sets across the globe including many a period set, and their love of acting and performing, our Highwayman Adventure is a fresh trick riding show focusing on a never before told story of a fictitious infamous Highwayman who robs just about everyone, until he meets his match in Dumas’ heroic Musketeers. Fun visual storytelling, where the beautiful well-trained horses, skilled trick riders and lavish costumes take centre stage. 

Due to the number of characters and trick sequences this show is only available with a minimum of six horses and a minimum arena length of 60m.  It makes an excellent addition as a second show when combined with one of our other shows to give two different fun performances in one day.  Or equally as a stand alone show, where the same show is performed twice.  Arena displays are split into 2 x 30 minute shows or 1 x 45 minute show per day.

As with our other shows, we don’t neglect your visitors at the end of our performances.  Through-out your event opening times we are available for visitors to talk to us in our set up area and find out more about the life of a Highwayman, including the kindly James Hine and the devious Dick Turpin and how they ended up as outlaws.


The show itself features a lively character introduction before a competition ensues to save the life of the captured Queen.  Her ladies in waiting, the Musketeers and the Highwayman are pitted against each other in a boys vs girls trick riding and horsemanship stand off.  Not wanting to loose, the Highwayman works with Mi’Lady de Winter to try his hardest (which turns out to be more funny that serious!) to sabotage the musketeers efforts to save the Queen.  Visitors are encouraged to pick sides and cheer for their favourites with a specially selected visitor panel scoring their tricks out of 10!  Once a winner is declared and the Queen is saved, Aramis confesses his love for the Queen in a beautiful smoke flare and ribbon horse ballet (showcasing the horses’ dressage elegance under saddle and at liberty).

It all appears to be happy ever after but in rides the Highwayman at a gallop with extra bandits who capture the Queen again. With the Queen captured and held fast, it’s up to the Musketeers to come to the rescue and capture the Highwayman once and for all in an all out action finale.  Disgraced the highwayman is tied up with his bandits and dragged out of the arena and the Queen and Aramis live happily ever after..

We provide lots of extras including meet and great with the riders and horses between performances, site visits, specialist knowledge of working with SSSI, Listed and Heritage sites, and multiple transport options to name a few.

We have full PLI and our Animal Activities Licence (N-PERF30) and pride ourselves on our high horse welfare standards.  All our horses are compassionately trained by Marc Lovatt.  We have an excellent safety record and you can expect full support from our coordinators. 


“They were amazing!  Really good show and were very friendly when I got to meet them.” Charlotte Mansfield, Visitor

Prices and Booking

With a large cast of characters and some epic trick sequences this trick riding show is best performed with 6 or 8 horses, in medium to extra large main arenas.  However smaller demos and displays are available focusing on the role of horses in the rise of the highwayman (see our demos page here) with two or four horses, still combining our magical blend of horsemanship and theatre to create wonderful family entertainment for your visitors but with fewer characters. 

Packages start from £500 + VAT for the smaller demos and the main display starts at £1500 + VAT.  Both packages include all the necessary licences, risk assessments, performance agreement, proper full PLI insurance to keep everyone safe, personalisation of our performances tailored to your show or venue, coordinator support as well as ground crew and local travel.

Discounts are offered for registered charities, for multiple consecutive days and for multiple bookings across one year.  We are a UK registered company and VAT registered.  If required we can provide a full arena with PA system and barriers for a self-contained set up or quick turnaround times for main arenas.

If you would like to enquire about us performing at your event or for a quote please contact us via our Show Enquiry section below or contact Marc or Catherine via phone or email.   We’re happy to talk through options with you and any questions you may have and we can always make time to come to you for site recces and in person discussions.

“A massive thank you from us.  You were fantastic to work with, nothing was a problem, your replies were quick, paperwork was all up to date and sent swiftly, so again, thank you!” ES Promotions

The Cavalry of Heroes Highwayman Adventure Stunt Riders and Performers Team Photo

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