St George on Horseback

Available to hire for Events, Advertising, Publicity, Re-enactments, Theatre performances and Corporate Events

Our St George on horseback is available to hire across the UK featuring our professional performers and stunt riders who enjoy performing together with the beautiful horses of The Cavalry of Heroes.

We’ve created our own bespoke costumes, flags and horse caparisons and St George can be in full armour or more theatrical, historically accurate to a particular period in history or more atmospheric.  St George can tailor his performance to children, family or adult audiences and are available indoors and outdoors following the necessary safety elements.  Fully licenced and insured, with our Animal Activities Licence (N-PERF30) formally the Performing Animal’s Licence.

A brief history of St George

St George, who according to the Golden Legend, killed a Dragon to save a Princess.  Both heroic and chivalrous, he stabbed the Dragon with his lance on a hill in Berkshire (or was it Lydda!) and legend has it that no grass now grows where the Dragon’s blood was spilt.

The Legend of St George is fascinating and well worth reading about.  Not much is known about him but his incredible courage in the face of torture and keeping true to his faith meant that his stories travelled through Europe at breakneck speed and his message of strength in times of adversity was received emphatically in England during the time of the occupation of the Romans.

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that he was adopted as the Patron Saint of England by King Edward III who formed the Order of the Garter in St. George’s name in 1350 before King Henry V adopted him as his protector during the battle of Agincourt and is who we now call upon in times of great peril to help save the country from it’s enemies.

During the time of the Renaissance St George was depicted as a romantic figure who stands up to injustice and is courageous and chivalrous.  Shakespeare even immortalised him in word by his famous speech in Henry V “Cry God, for Harry, for England and St George!”

When is St George’s Day?

St George’s Day falls on 23rd April each year and you can have your very own St George appear at your event.  We have been part of Medieval Feasts, Jousting Tournaments, publicity photoshoots, school fetes and even been a symbol of courage at a Children’s Hospital (which is a privilege we will never forget).

Contact us to hire St George on Horseback for your event or send us an enquiry using the form below.  St George is available with the option of extra Knights or a full show.  We even have Dragons we can recommend to recreate the famous scene!

To include a full Jousting Tournament at your event as well please see our Live Shows pages in our Event Organiser Area.

St George on Horseback for hire

Hire St George on Horseback, with optional Princess and Dragon for St George’s Day celebrations.

Prices and Booking

Our prices are on a sliding scale depending on the number of knights on horseback you would like and your requirements for historical accuracy or theatrical costumes, and extra performers including princesses and dragons. 

These packages start from £495 + VAT and include all the necessary licences, risk assessments, performance agreement, proper full PLI insurance to keep everyone safe, personalisation of our performances tailored to your show or venue, coordinator support as well as ground crew and travel.

Discounts are offered for registered charities, for multiple consecutive days and for multiple bookings across one year.  We are a UK registered company and VAT registered.  If required we can provide a full arena with PA system and barriers for a self-contained set up or quick turnaround times for main arenas.

If you would like to enquire about hiring St George on horseback for your event and for a quote please contact us via our Show Enquiry Messenger below or contact Marc or Catherine via phone or email.   We’re happy to talk through options with you and any questions you may have and we can always make time to come to you for site recces and in person discussions.

“A massive thank you from us.  You were fantastic to work with, nothing was a problem, your replies were quick, paperwork was all up to date and sent swiftly, so again, thank you!” ES Promotions

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