Event Organiser Area

Welcome Event Organisers to The Cavalry of Heroes, the UK’s leading Equestrian Display Team performing exciting live shows in arenas at events across the UK with our Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre.

Event Organiser Area

Welcome Event Organisers to The Cavalry of Heroes, the UK’s leading Equestrian Display Team performing exciting live shows in arenas at events across the UK with our Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre.

Event Organiser Area

Event Organisers, this area is specifically for you; please take a look around but if you can’t find what you are looking for then don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re more than happy to chat over the phone or by email.

“Whole family loved it, especially my two sons! Really look forward to seeing them again.” Adam Robbins

Our Story

“Become part of the enchanting story of a Knight and his Lady and the world that grew up around them and discover for yourself the incredible horses and valiant riders.”

Set up by Horse Trainer Marc Lovatt and consultant Catherine Anderson-Lovatt, The Cavalry of Heroes provides quality horses and carriages for live shows, events and film.  Where our happy, healthy horses are the real stars of the shows; trained and loved by the Cavalry’s dedicated team.

Our story is one of romance and epic adventure, inspired by all those stories of heroes and chivalry, we delight in bringing a bit of magic, hope and fun back into the world.

“Incredibly impressed with the jousters! Everytime I saw them, they were happy and upbeat. The shows ran promptly to time and were really entertaining. They went above and beyond by roaming the building in character [with permission] and were genuinely a wonderful bunch to work with” Delapre Abbey

Our Mission

“Our lifelong mission is to improve the working lives of performing horses in the UK.  Leading by example, we provide exciting family entertainment at events across the UK while ensuring that our horses are treated like heroes: training and supporting them with the upmost kindness and understanding as our most majestic partner in all of our adventures.”

Shows Featuring

  • Marc Lovatt’s performing horses
  • Breath-taking Trick Riding and Stunt sequences
  • Entertainment with great stories and audience participation
  • Visitor entertainment through-out your whole event opening times in our setup area
  • Two different performances each day to keep your visitors on site for longer 
  • Full support from our coordinators along with insurances, licences and excellent safety records

Filming Credits

You may have seen our horses and riders on the big screen from Game of Thrones, to Merlin and in adverts and music videos (incl. Mumford and Son’s Beloved link above).  We enjoy spending time on set and realise that this can be a draw for your visitors.  Our shows are also stand alone fun family equestrian entertainment, so that you don’t need to rely on copyrighted advertising, but if you would like to include our credits in your advertising we’re happy for you to do so.  For more of our filming credits click here and you can meet our horses here.

Equestrian Entertainment


– Main Arena Displays –

Fresh and exciting family shows to entertain your visitors and draw in the crowds – backed by years of experience performing across the UK and Europe and featuring Marc Lovatt Horsemanship.  Suitable for arenas from 25m x 50m upwards.

Main Arena Display Details →

Marc Lovatt and The Cavalry of Heroes St George Parade Celebration and Event at Aylesbury Town Centre Knight on Horseback hire 4

– Knights on Horseback –

Medieval Knights and Ladies on Horseback available to hire for Events, Advertising, Publicity, Re-enactments, Theatre performances and Corporate events.  Including St George appearances, Meet and Greet and Staged Photoshoots.

Knights on Horseback Details →

Sulgrave Manor Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Medieval Tudor Wedding with The Cavalry of Heroes Medieval Event Package

– Medieval Event Packages –

Putting together an medieval event and need traders, decoration, suppliers or entertainers?  In combination with a full arena set up from The Cavalry of Heroes for a Medieval Jousting Display, we can supply traders and supporting entertainers for an all round medieval experience.

Medieval Event Packages →

– Supporting Performers –

It’s not just our talented horsemen and women who we are delighted to be part of our crew, we also have a large cast of supporting living history performers including Henry VIII and his Six Wives.  To meet some of our support cast to have them perform at your event as well, visit our supporting cast page.

Meet the Supporting Cast →

Photoshoot - Friesian Horse Drawn Carriage at 18th Century Georgian from Marc Lovatt and The Cavalry of Heroes Film Horses and Carriages Wagonette

– Horse Drawn Carriage Rides –

Offering your visitors a taste of life back in olden times with an exciting horse drawn carriage ride around your venue or event.  From Christmas markets to Apple Festivals, re-enactment living history to country shows.  A memorable tradition.

Visitor Horse Drawn Carriage Rides→

– Training Demos –

Training Demos for smaller arenas or even no arena.  Discussions and presentations around training techniques from Marc Lovatt Horsemanship in training horses with compassion to be highly versatile and dependable, incl. driving carriages and trick riding, to the role of horses and carriages in specific periods through-out history.

Training Demonstrations →

Animal Activities Licence

New regulations that came into effect in England mean that all horse performers require a horse specific Animal Activities Licence to perform at shows in England.  The regulations are different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who have retained the Performing Animals Licence at the time of writing.  The Cavalry of Heroes are proud to have our licences and insurances to perform safely and legally in all parts of the UK.

– FREE Brochure –

For country shows, country fairs, events and venues our equestrian entertainment brochure is available through the post or email.  If you would like a free copy of our PDF Brochure sent to you please complete the enquiry form link below remembering to add the address you would like it sent to.

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