Catherine Anderson-Lovatt

Horsemaster  |  consultant  |  Costume MakeR


The Cavalry of Heroes - Profile Image Catherine Lovatt on Wedding Day

London born Catherine, studied to be an Architect at Cambridge University, but couldn’t escape the pull of a life performing with horses.  In the world of The Cavalry of Heroes Catherine manages all the bookings, events and coordinates the team while on set.

Always thinking of the well-being of others including the Cavalry team, her horses and our clients, Catherine deftly manages the logistics required for all bookings alongside her helpful admin assistants.  Whether your event is large or small, her friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant approach will make all the difference on the day as you realise all is in hand and is being professionally looked after.

We will be enthusiastically singing your praises to promote your very professional but more importantly, warm and friendly service.”  Sharon O’Hare

Catherine is also a talented costume designer and maker, creating endlessly imaginative costumes for herself and the Cavalry team and is a natural horsewoman, riding and bringing on our beautiful horses, including her two very special boys Curioso Maximus (her white Andalusian) and Guinness, the horse that started it all.

Catherine also runs a successful consultancy service for writers, researchers and producers advising on the use of horses throughout history and working with horses on set.  See Historical Horses for further details.

For more information about Catherine Anderson-Lovatt and her life with horses, costumes and horsemastering see her website, or follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.  Search for @filmhorsemistress.

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