The Carriages

There are two carriage collections for you to choose from: our Elegance Collection and our Historical Collection.

Our Elegance Collection is made up of three carriages that are available for special occasions and weddings as part of our Elegance Package which offers excellent value while still providing exceptionally high standards for your big day.

Our second collection is our Historical Collection of 38 carriages, used mainly for filming these carriages are available as part of our Grand and Majestic Packages, with wider variety of choice and additions available to create wonder and stunning arrivals on your big day!

Care of our Carriages

Our carriages not only play an important role in our profession, they are also our personal pride and joy.  They are very much like a sports car, for a car enthusiast!

As such we take exceptional care of our carriages, servicing them regularly and keeping them clean and undercover.  This ensures that you receive the safest and most impressive ride possible.

If you have any questions about our carriages please Contact Us.

Elegance Carriage Collection

Our beautiful Elegance Collection of carriages form part of our Elegance Package, offering incredible value while maintaining the very highest of standards.  Click for more information about our Prices and Packages. The Landau Our most popular Wedding Carriage as it provides maximum view of the bride and groom and cover if you are blessed with … Continue reading Elegance Carriage Collection

Historical Carriages Collection

Our Historical Carriages Collection of 38 Carriages and Carts offers incredible variety for your Wedding or Special Occasion.  With multiple horses and dedicated professional Coachmen we can cater for very large groups and for many different varieties of themed weddings.   These carriages are available as part of our Grand and Majestic Packages (see here for … Continue reading Historical Carriages Collection