Filming Services

Providing Principal, Stunt and Driving horses along with Carriages and experienced riders and crew for your production. 

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Filming Services

Film Horses and Carriages from The Cavalry of Heroes.  Providing fully insured Horses, Riders and Horse Drawn Carriages, with comprehensive Animal Activities Licence, for productions in England and Wales (NPERF30).  

Established family run company set on a private estate on the Welsh borders near to Hay-on-Wye, with a second location near to Oxford, providing excellent access to studios in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London, as well as nationally on location across the UK.

See below for details of the services that we provide; if you have any questions or to hire please contact us.

Hire Horses

Dependable horses trained with compassion for lead actors, background and stunt work including weaponary, melee fighting, cavalry charges, rears, saddle falls, fire and smoke work.  Our horses are choosen for their brave temperaments and trained with compassion by Marc Lovatt.  As an added bonus they are comfortable around cameras and kit and are patient while waiting on set for minimal unexpected disruptions.

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Horse Drawn Carriage Hire

Carriages available for hire from small carts and agricultural equipment to Town Coaches and Landaus with coachmen (drivers) and footmen who worked at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, so everyone is in safe hands.  They are trained to drive singles, pairs and four in hand in Traditional Coachman Style.  Available with driving horses or as stationary background props.

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Horse Stunt Coordination

From rearing horses to bowing and lying down, as well as cavalry charges, fire, gunshots, horseback archery, tricks, falls and drags, we can work with you to get the shot that you need whilst maintaining animal welfare and rider safety.  Quality horses and professionals to get that realistic shot you want without compromising on welfare standards.

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Horse Equipment & Costume Hire

We have a selection of costume and tack available for immediate hire alongside our horses including Medieval Armour and caparisons, medieval saddles, side saddles, victorian bridles, driving harness and 18th Century, Regency and WW1 costume.  We also have a list of costume providers and hire companies that we can call on upon short notice if you require anything further and seamstresses if you require anything bespoke.

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Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

War Horse Armour

We’re just finishing cataloguing and photographing our horse armour collection, and will update this page shortly.  How exciting!


Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

Photoshoots & Publicity

Our horses and carriages are available for Photoshoots and corporate and private event publicity. The normal hire terms apply and prices are based per day and are dependent on the type of horses and carriages required, the skill level of the horse and the location of the shoot or publicity stunt.  Indoor shoots are possible as well as action shots, ridden and liberty work.

Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

Background Set Dressing

Large selection of items and props for hire for background set dressing including old carriages, falling apart market carts, vintage farrier tools, anvils, harness, hay wains and farming tools.  Full catalogue of items available soon, for now contact us to discuss your requirements.

Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

Location Recce Assistance

Having horses and carriages on set require certain conditions at each shooting location.  Our team have years of experience taking horses to locations across the UK and Ireland and are available to advise on location suitability and have a variety of vehicles available for the transportation or horses and carriages.  We are close to filming studios in Bristol, Cardiff, Wales and Birmingham and also conduct a lot of work in London, Ireland and outdoor locations across the UK.

Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

Experienced Riders and Crew

Our team is made up of experienced riders who are working in the filming industry and are regularly performing in live shows across the country. They are available as background riders, riding doubles for actors and professional stunt and trick performers trained in trick riding, horse falls, roman riding, charges, falling and weaponry. Supported by an efficient ground crew including horsemasters, grooms and horse handlers.  We’re a company of professional horsemen and women where the horses and job come first with no big egos attached.  More…

Berkeley Castle Medieval Jousting Show 2017 - Knight of The Cavalry of Heroes

Historical Horse & Carriage Consultations

Researching horses, carriages and horse travel in history can be time consuming and with a variety of conflicting information available it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction.  We also understand there is a fine line between historical accuracy and having your production make sense which is why Catherine Anderson-Lovatt, who has dedicated many years researching horses and carriages throughout history and is here to offer assistance via online and over the phone consultations to researchers, producers and writers.

Asgard from The Cavalry of Heroes, at Homme House, Friesian Horse, military jacket