Horse Drawn Carriages

A selection of our period horse drawn carriages.

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Horse Drawn Carriages

A selection of our period horse drawn carriages.

Wedding Horse Drawn Carriage - Georgian Landau Carriage Replica from Marc Lovatt and The Cavalry of Heroes Hire Horses and Carriages

Burgundy Landau Carriage

Glass fronted Burgundy Landau Carriage with matching carriage lamps.  Can be open or closed.  Landau’s were popular in the UK in the 18th century having been bought over from Germany in c.1745.  This one is a safe and comfortable reproduction.

Brougham Carriage

A Brougham is a light weight, four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage built in the 19th century.  Unlike a coach, the carriage had a glazed front window, so that the occupants could see forward.

Road Coach

There are many different uses for an Coach however the basic principles remain the same.  It is a large closed four-wheeled carriage pulled by two or more horses.  A similar Park Drag is a coach kept for pleasure and a Stage Coach was built to carry as many as 20 passengers and goods over long distances.  The Road Coaches below also have luggage compartments.

Victoria Carriage

An elegant carriage very popular in the 1800s and open to the elements.  It’s light weight and can be pulled by a single or pair of horses. Comfortable to ride in, it allowed passengers to be seen while traveling quickly. Postillion Carriage where there are riders on the horses instead of a coachman / driver.

Red Glass Coach

A private style coach also known as a Town Coach built 1860 in Leicester.  This original Red Coach is closed and protects passengers from the weather.  Pulled by a pair or team of four horses it has a large comfortable interior to accommodate camera and sound crew.

Yellow Landau Carriage

Stylish yellow Landau Carriage which can be open or closed.  Original with smart black interior, black and yellow livery was very popular in the 1800s.   Can be pulled with a pair or team of horses.

Clarence Carriage

Popular in the early 19th century, it can seat four passengers in side.  Very similar to the Landau Carriage, it’s name came from the Duke of Clarence when he commissioned it to be built in the 1800s.

Red Landau Carriage

A smart example of a Red Landau Carriage.  Popular in the 19th Century, this carriage has a cream interior and can be pulled by a pair or team of horses.

Victorian Hearse

Also known as a Funeral Coach, highly decorated and suitable for transporting a coffin.  Can be pulled by a pair of black horses or team of four black horses.  Long wheel base and traditional.


Funeral Hearse with guilded decoration.  Slightly more modern than the Victorian Hearse to the left, it is large enough to accommodate a casket.  Can be pulled by a pair or team of four black horses. 

Eaton Phaeton

A sporty open carriage popular in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.  Can be pulled by one or two horses, it was considered a carriage for the adventurous featuring large extravagent wheels for its size.

White Vis-a-Vis

A carriage where passengers sit face to face, two facing forwards and two facing backwards.  Similar to the Landau in size and shape, the difference is that only the front facing two passengers could be covered in the event of rain.


A Sporting Country Brake (Break) which is completely open to the elements, used a lot for shooting and for the training of heavy horses.  It has a lot of space to store luggage below the passengers feet, who also sit high up to look at the views.

Blue Landau Carriage

Blue Landau Carriage which can be open or closed and pulled by two horses or a team of four horses.  With glass front so that passengers could view out the front, and folding back hood.

Navy Brougham

Popular 19th Century Carriage, in the Victorian Age, among both the upper and middle classes due to its affordability as it could be pulled by just one horse, unlike the Landau which needs a pair of horses.  Can seat 4 but a bit of a squeeze.  Landau better for four people.

White and Blue Landau Carriage

Smaller fully open white and blue Landau Carriage, light-weight with two folding hoods in traditional Landau style (the glass fronts being a later style)


Fun sleigh, perfect for background dressing and props, just think Reindeer and Santa for a brilliant Christmas feature. 

Market Dray

Heavy Horse Dray used for goods deliveries, also known as a market cart it can be pulled by one heavy horse but best pulled with a pair of heavy horses.  Ramp on the back for loading and unloading.  Props including bottles can be included with hire (solid sides to the dray so the bottles wouldn’t fall through), slatted sides were for barrels i.e. Brewers Dray.

Security Gaol Coach

Every wondered how prisoners were transported securely?  Here’s your answer, a Gaol / Jail Security Horse Drawn Coach, possible to hold six prisioners with four guards on top.


A four-wheel, open pleasure vehicle, which can be pulled with one or more horses.  It has characteristic side facing bench seats. and is an all round vehicle suitable for family outings as luggage could be stored beneath the bench seats.  Can be converted to a covered delivery vehicle as required.

Blue Landau Carriage

Small manoueverable Landau carriage, which can be customised to suit the livery requirements of your production and can be pulled with a single horse over small distances. 

Victoria Carriage

Smart Navy and Cream Victoria Carriage which seats two undercover and two facing backwards on small fold down seats.  Can be pulled by a single or pair of horses, and has easy access being relatively low to the ground.

Two Wheel Trap

Small two wheel cart designed to carry two passengers, without the need of an additional coachman to drive the horse.  Pulled by a single horse or pony, its a light-weight vehicle for quick drives. Known as a Medibroke cart, originally used by the Armish.

Two Wheel Trap

Small two wheel cart designed to carriage two passengers plus a platform on the back for luggage.  Good for trips to catch the stage coach or to the train station or to market.  Added addition of a footstep to make stepping onto the carriage easier.

Blue Governess 

Characterised by two inward facing benches with high sides and entry at the back. It’s dropped low axel gives it a stable centre of gravity and made it safe for carrying children usually with their Governess as, with a well mannered horse or pony to pull it, was fairly easy to handle.

Green Panel Cart

Pretty green panel cart which can be pulled by one horse and suitable for one or two passengers, with steps to help passengers climb aboard, useful horse drawn vehicle.  

Irish Jaunting Cart

Side Seat Cart with two wheels and suitable for three passengers – one driver and two people, sitting one on either side.  Nicely balanced cart pulled by a single horse.

Green Luggage / Goods Cart

Green cart with driving seat used for transporting goods in the back, from wood to luggage to goods for market, a very useful cart which can be pulled by one or two horses or ponies. 

Mortal Coil with Lid

Very useful and versatile wagon which can be covered or left uncovered.  It’s pulled by one horse and has space inside for passengers or luggage.  Narrow width of axle which is more in keeping with earlier wagons following the ruts in the road normally left by smaller two wheel carts.

CoOp Red Delivery Wagon

Market cart and delivery wagon in original CoOp red, nicely balanced cart used for transporting goods with a single heavy horse, and good for background scenes and set dressing.  

Farm Cart

Useful and versatile farm card which can be pulled with one horse and suitable for passengers and goods. 

Background Market and Farm Carts

Large variety of farm and market carts suitable for short background requirements or dressing (great for blocking roads and concentrating action into the foreground) 


A very large wheeled public vehicle which used to be driven on a fixed route, picking up passengers at fixed points along it’s route.  This particular omnibus can seat 14 passengers and is owned by John Meaford.

Medieval Theatre Carriage

Fun, custom built carriage that has been used in various Medieval Theatre Productions.  Light weight and can be painted to production requirements. It can be pulled with one or two horses.  

WW1 GS Wagon

WW1 GS Wagon for transporation of supplies and soldiers.  Historically accurate for the period and in very good working order which is unusual for this kind of vehicle. 

Officers Messenger Cart

Smart WW1 Officer’s Cart with space at the back for kit.  It is historically accurate but could also be easily used as an earlier period historical cart.  Pulled by a single horse.