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Where It All Began

Set up by Horse Trainer and Coachman Marc Lovatt (see bio below), The Cavalry of Heroes provides quality horses, carriages, riders and coachmen for film, TV and live shows.  With an experienced team, trustworthy horses and dedication to providing the best service we take great care in providing productions with the right horse, carriage and crew for their shoot.
Not just any horse provider or horse trainer, we are the team of The Cavalry of Heroes and we are proud of our name and what it stands for:
Training horses to be capable of being the cavalry of legendary heroes; talented, multi-skilled, strong, healthy and ready all year round. Supported by our team of professional good guys; riders, coachmen and grooms, who operate with trust and integrity.
Welcome to world of The Cavalry of Heroes!
The Cavalry of Heroes team are amazing. They are very patient, kind, calm and expert in what they are doing.  The stunning horses they provided were perfectly behaved.”  Viv Portman

Marc Lovatt

Horse Trainer & Coachman

With a lifelong background working with horses, Marc has years of experience training horses from Showjumping in Burma to driving carriages at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace and has since worked on some of the biggest film sets across Europe with some awesome teams.  Coming from an equestrian family, his sense of humour, patience and understanding all reflect his lifetime working with horses.

Marc has trained all the horses of The Cavalry of Heroes, for which we are eternally grateful.  His on-going dedication to training our horses makes them suitable for all manner of riders and situations.

As a talented Rider, Trainer and Coachman Marc is an invaluable member of The Cavalry of Heroes.

Catherine Lovatt

Film Horse Mistress

London born Catherine, studied to be an Architect at Cambridge University, but couldn’t escape the pull of a life with horses.  In the world of The Cavalry of Heroes Catherine manages all the logistics and coordinates the team and horses while on set.  She is used to managing large scale, simultaneous projects and events from her time working 100+ consecutive projects with teams of 200 people while in London.

Always thinking of the well-being of others including the Cavalry team, her horses and our clients, Catherine deftly manages the logistics required for all bookings alongside her helpful admin assistants.  Whether your production is large or small, her friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant approach will make all the difference on the day as you realise all is in hand and is being professionally looked after.

“We will be enthusiastically singing your praises to promote your very professional but more importantly, warm and friendly service.” Sharon O’Hare

Catherine is also a talented historian specialising in women riding horses and carriage travel throughout history.  She is a dedicated horsewoman, riding and bringing on our beautiful horses in sidesaddle and a little bit of trick training and liberty, including her two very special boys Curioso Maximus (her white Andalusian) and Guinness, the horse that started it all.

The Team

Experienced Stunt Riders, Coachmen and Crew

Our team is made up of experienced riders who are working in the filming industry and are regularly performing in live shows across the country.  They are available as background riders, riding doubles for actors and professional stunt and trick performers trained in trick riding, horse falls, roman riding, charges, falling and weaponry.  Supported by an efficient ground crew including horsemasters, grooms and horse handlers.  We’re a company of professional horsemen and women where the horses and job come first with no big egos attached.


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Behind the scenes training horses with Marc Lovatt.


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