Teaching Horses to Drive

As a member of the British Driving Society, Marc is currently undertaking his Instructor Qualification with the aim of becoming an Assessor for the BDS.  This will enable us to become a full training centre for teaching horses to drive and you will be able to get your official driving certificates from us.

In the meantime, we are fully insured and experienced to break horses into harness.  We have a selection of carriages, agricultural training equipment and harness to get horses used to driving.  All is done with the safety of the horses and drivers in mind.

We offer driving training livery and once we’ve spoken to you about your horse and your expectations, we will be able to give you a better idea of how long this process is likely to take.  Some horses will take better to driving than others to please don’t expect a horse who hasn’t driven before to be in a team of four in a week!  It’s like asking a primary school child to sit their A-Level’s in a week.

We will be honest with you about what can be achieved and won’t string out a process.  We always provide our clients with a livery contract and an estimated timescale and goals that you would like to achieve before any horse arrives.   Above all we want you to enjoy teaching your horse to drive.


As an example, we had a client recently with a horse that had been put in harness but never really done much driving work.  In a week, we had the basic long-lining techniques established, and in three weeks there was confidence enough to long line without a lead person and the horse had accepted a weight being pulled behind it.  The next stage was to introduce the horse to carriage work with another experienced driving horse.  This  took some getting used to, first the horse was acting lazy and then over zealous, so the process slowed down at this stage and it was another two weeks before we were confident to let the owner start driving.  The horse stayed with us for just over 7 weeks in total before going back home.  We helped the owners find a starter carriage and harness and we’re pleased to say that they are still going strong.


An idea of prices can be found by visiting our Livery page and the section under Training Livery. Please Contact Us if you would like more information.