Learning to Drive a Horse and Carriage

Welcome… Learn to drive a horse and carriage in the beautiful Welsh countryside, with Marc Lovatt in traditional English Coachman Style.  Marc has previously driven carriages for HRH The Queen at Buckingham Palace among his many years experience.

 From singles, to pairs, to teams, as part of the British Driving Society Commercial Register, and British Horse Society.  We have a variety of horses and carriages for you to learn with and we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and fun, informative experiences.  From learning to drive, gifting the experience as a present or enjoying one of our scenic pub drives, look no further.  

Here at The Cavalry of Heroes, enjoy riding in and learning to drive a horse and carriage.

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The Cavalry of Heroes - Marc Lovatt Driving Shire Horses, agricultural work in Richmond, Herefordshire and Wales

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For those who want to learn the more technical side to driving.  In this one and a half hour Introduction to Driving a Horse and Carriage, you will be greeted by Marc who will introduce you to the horses and carriages.  You will then get the opportunity to help to harness up one of the horses before riding on the carriage.  Firstly taught by Marc to learn the techniques used when driving in Traditional Coachman Style before taking the reins yourself.  If you would like to bring along a friend to the lesson, a second person can accompany you for an additional £45.  Contact Us to book.

For the opportunity to drive both a single and a pair of horses and work with different types of harness and carriages concentrated into a half day rather than across multiple lessons, then consider our Half Day Carriage Driving Experience.  More information can be found here.


Beginners One Hour Lesson – £50

For those who have completed the introduction to driving, lessons can be continued through long-lining and driving a single horse and carriage.  A discounted rate is available if you block book a set of six lessons (available for £280). Contact Us to book.

Intermediate One Hour Lesson – £85

For those that have gained experience driving through the beginners lessons, you can move onto intermediate lessons for driving a pair, and later to driving a team of four.  Contact Us to book.

GIFT Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for the Half Day Driving Experience.  These vouchers are valid for three months and make an excellent present.  For more information click here.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Horse and Carriage - County Tweed Bennington, Herefordshire and Wales

Our Horses

We have horses that are used for agricultural work (harrowing and grass cutting) and others that are purely used to pull carriages, and you can learn to drive them all in a safe and experienced environment.  Our Friesian Asgard is a delight to drive and so is our big heavyweight cob Guinness who is also excellent at logging.  Our pair of Appaloosa’s are half brothers who love nothing better than being in harness pulling a carriage and you will see them at many a wedding and show.

Teaching horses to pull a carriage

Marc also teaches horses to accept harness and drive a carriage so if you have your own horse that you would like to get driving then contact us.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Wedding Carriage, horse driving, country, single, Herefordshire and Wales

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