Marc Lovatt

Horse Trainer – Coachman – Rider


The Cavalry of Heroes was created by Marc Lovatt to provide safe, quality horses for film, TV, live shows and events.  The idea came from Marc who wanted to train a cavalry of horses, using compassionate methods, who were safe and impressive enough for even heroes to ride into the most epic of adventures!

He has worked with horses across the world from Driving Carriages at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, to Show-jumping in Burma and Spain, and Stunt Riding for teams across the country for live shows, film and tv.  His sense of humour, patience and understanding all reflect his lifetime working with horses.

Utterly smitten with these guys!!  Catherine and Marc are the best team!  They know exactly how to get their horses to move and are great communicators when it comes to explaining what they can and can’t do.  Brilliant at trying out ideas and just really nice people. 110% recommend them and their beautiful horses! Elizabeth Jolley

Marc has trained all the horses of The Cavalry of Heroes, for which we are eternally grateful.  His on-going dedication to training the horses makes them suitable for all manner of riders and situations.  First and foremost horses trained by Marc are healthy, safe and excel in their individual disciplines.

As a talented Rider, Trainer and Coachman Marc is an invaluable member of The Cavalry of Heroes.

For more information about Marc and his life with horses follow him on Facebook and Instagram.  Search for @marclovatthorses.