FOR SALE – Gladiador IV

Jousting, Film and Trick Riding PRE Andalusian Militar Stallion (P.o.A)

5* home only for our wonderful Gladiador IV.  Exceptionally well bred PRE Stallion, he has been with us for jousting shows across the country and filming and has been ridden by clients in our riding school who have loved him.  He is not suitable for novices or complete beginners, however if you can ride he is a lovely schoolmaster with three correct paces, extended trot, canter lead changes, leg yield, piaffe, passage.  Responsive on the lunge, he has taken to training our riders to trick ride with ease.

He will be available from the end of September at the end of our current show season, we feel that it is the right time for him to retire from a life on the road with the shows and would love to see him go to a good home where he can enjoy some quality one-on-one attention to improve a riders performance or perhaps inject a quality line into a breeding programme.

He has covered both naturally and on the dummy with 36 registered foals which can seen on the ANCCE database for PRE Stallions.   Out of Becerra, sired by Gelio, his lineage is predominantly from the Military Stud in Spain (Yeguade Militar de Jerez de la Frontera) which is dedicated to the breading of purebred Andualsian horses.  Founded in 1847 it became the state military stud in 1893 but as the need for cavalry horses declined in the 20th century the stud’s emphasis shifted to become a genetic reservoir to preserve the bloodlines of the Pure Spanish Horse.  Going back further you can trace his lineage back to two of the three mother-houses of the Spanish Horse bloodline.

As you know, Marc Lovatt. our founder, trainer and head rider here at The Cavalry of Heroes lived and trained horses in Spain and he bought Gladiador over to the UK three years ago having seen hundreds of horses, he was the best for us.  He loves time in his grass paddock but he must be kept alone if out – he is not a sociable horse with other horses and will get excited around them (great though if you want him for breeding).

He flourishes best with a routine and is happy to be stabled most of the time, he loves a big straw bed.   Good with the farrier, and up to date on his vaccinations and wormers.  I have started riding him in some novice e-dressage tests and just waiting on the scores back (I’m 5’3” and of slight build, and he is very responsive to me).

If you have any questions please contact Catherine (07849 830393) and please leave a message if no answer as she is probably riding a horse somewhere.