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“Become part of the enchanting story of a Knight and his Lady and the world that grew up around them and discover for yourself the incredible horses and valiant riders.”


Set up by Horse Trainer, Rider and Coachman Marc Lovatt and his wife Catherine, The Cavalry of Heroes provides quality horses and carriages for live shows, events and film.  Where their happy, healthy horses are the stars who are trained and loved by the Cavalry’s dedicated team.

“A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre”

The story of Marc, Catherine and The Cavalry of Heroes is one of romance and epic adventure, inspired by all those stories of heroes and chivalry, they delight in bringing a bit of magic, hope and fun back into the world.

With a background working with horses, Marc has years of experience training horses from Showjumping in Burma to driving carriages at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace and has since worked for some of the biggest teams riding on film sets across Europe.

Above all he places the importance of making sure that his horses are happy and healthy and trust in him. As by gaining and respecting this trust his beautiful horses always give their very best performance, willingly and without hesitation, through mutual respect and admiration.

Catherine works alongside Marc as the Horse Mistress organising everything on and off set and designing the look and feel of the performances by drawing on her fantastical imagination and creative background.  Also as a rider and performer in the live shows and well as the researcher and costume designer Catherine is the one to ask if you have any questions!

Together Marc and Catherine were voted Herefordshire’s most romantic couple and they enjoy training their horses in the beautiful scenery of the Wye Valley on the border of England and Wales – a place so entrenched with history, castles and stories of heroism that it richly feeds the imagination.

“Marc and Catherine are amazing. They are very patient, kind, calm and expert in what they are doing. The stunning horses they provided were perfectly behaved.” Viv Portman

Marc and Catherine decided very early on that they wouldn’t just showcase one particular breed of horse but instead focus on the goodness and temperament of the horses that they invited to join their family.  This way the horses became the real stars of the shows and their trust in Marc and Catherine can be seen in every performance.

The horses include majestic jet black Friesian Stallion Asgard and his best friends Zorro and D’artagnon. Also, a pure white Andalusian Stallion Curioso Maximus and his friends Pegasus and Guinness.  And not to be left out the gorgeous spotty Appaloosa brothers Harry Potter and Apollo.  You can see more of the horses and find out about them on the Cavalry’s blog and follow their stories on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Not just any equestrian display team or horse trainer, we are The Cavalry of Heroes! And we stand for:

Happy and healthy horses trained with compassion and understanding by Marc Lovatt.  Horses who are loved and respected all year round and supported with skill and expertise from our professional team. Performing shows that entertain, inspire and educate and supplying the film, publicity and events industries with people that they can trust for animal welfare, quality, integrity and friendliness. Welcome to The Cavalry of Heroes!

The Cavalry of Heroes Team Knights in Shining Armour on Horseback

Equestrian Theatre Displays and Stunt Shows including Medieval Jousting

Horses, Carriages, Riders and Coachmen for Film and TV

For more information contact Marc or Catherine.  Wishing you a fantastic rest of the day!

Marc Lovatt

Horse Trainer – Coachman – Rider @marclovatthorses The Cavalry of Heroes was created by Marc Lovatt to provide superior quality horses for film, TV, live shows and events.  He has worked with horses across the world from Driving Carriages at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, to Show-jumping in Burma and Spain, and Stunt Riding for teams … Continue reading Marc Lovatt

Catherine Lovatt

Horse Mistress – Coordinator – Costume Designer @filmhorsemistress London born Catherine, studied to be an Architect at Cambridge University, but couldn’t escape the pull of a life performing with horses.  In the world of The Cavalry of Heroes Catherine manages all the bookings, events and coordinates the team while on set. Always thinking of the … Continue reading Catherine Lovatt

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