Robin Hood Vs the Sheriff of Nottingham at The Robin Hood Festival 2019

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Equestrian Displays, Knights on Horseback, Medieval, Medieval Jousting Displays

What an amazing tournament at this year’s Robin Hood Festival hosted at Sherwood Forest by the RSPB.  Robin Hood faced off against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham in a tournament organised by King John to flush out Robin Hood from his hiding place.

A special show full of new tricks and a whole new script created specifically for the Robin Hood Festival featuring Robin Hood and his band of merry men including Little John, Will Scarlett and Friar Tuck, with the help of Maid Marion who all helped defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and his right hand gal the ‘guy’ of Gisborne.

Sudeley Castle Easter Joust - Andy Keenan - Stroud Camera Club - Black and White Golden Knight Handed Shield

It was a pleasure and an epic adventure to be part of the festival this year and with three shows a day plus meet and greet we were able to meet so many of you.  With lots of stories about Robin Hood and lots of photos, with Robin and Maid Marion teaching some of the younger children how to hold the bows and arrows they had bought from the gift shop, it truly was an amazing week!

For anyone thinking of attending next year the festival is a week long and free to attend.  It was really well organised and so much to do.  We met so many lovely new friends and Harry Potter, Apollo, Guinness and Curioso really enjoyed their time in the forrest.

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From all the team and horses here at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day!

The Cavalry of Heroes xx 

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