Celebrating St George’s Day with a Jousting Tournament at Tamworth Castle

by | May 31, 2019 | Equestrian Displays, Knights on Horseback, Medieval Jousting Displays

A St George’s Day to remember!  With St George and his Knights on Horseback battling it out in an epic Jousting Tournament right in the Heart of Tamworth beneath the impressive Tamworth Castle.  Beautiful sunshine, huge crowds and a jammed packed Medieval Village with falconers, re-enactors and Dragons, all their to greet families from far and wide!

The Knights and the Horses spent the night by the river with some lovely Medieval company before putting on two displays of St George jousting against our Lord Pendragon who has come back stronger than ever in 2019!

And for 2019 the Knights have spent the winter learning new tricks and Skill at Arms to surprise and entertain as they compete with each other to gain the title and win the coveted ‘Never Ending Jug’.  With St George and Sir William winning the last couple of years, Princess Fiona, Lady Lancelot, Sir Hasselhoff and Sir Robalot are all ready for the challenge!

St George rode his wonderful horse Guinness in the first performance with his Knights riding Apollo, Harry, Guinness and Curioso as their noble steeds, who we all such good boys.  Harry and Apollo are our Appaloosa brothers, while Guinness is an Irish Cob X and Curioso Maximus De Cartujano is our sweetest Andalusian Stallion.

A special thanks goes to the Lady Elizabeth from Past Times Living History who kept the long line waiting to meet the Knights after the performance entertained.  We had so many lovely comments about how informative and entertaining Lady Elizabeth was that you can be sure she will be back!

A big thank-you to everyone who was a part of the day including the excellent team at Historical Promotions and Events, Tamworth Council, Tamworth Arts and Events, and the stewards who made the day such a success (and a cheeky thank you also to the security guards who stayed up all night while the horses and knights got some sleep!).  It’s been an epic start to our 2019 season!

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Also, take a look at Alanette Photography’s website as they have captured some truly fantastic shots of our St George’s Day Joust, some of which you can see here.

Plus the wonderful photographer at Tamworth Arts and Events!  An amazing collection of images (for the full gallery take a look at their Facebook Album).

And a thank you to Gemma Rosp Owen for her lovely comments and images:

“Apollo and Harry stole my hearts!! You were awesome. I wanted to say thanks by passing on some of the photographs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them and watching. Well done and ride on!” Gemma Rosp Owen

From all the team and horses here at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day!

The Cavalry of Heroes xx 

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