WW1, Heavy Horses and the Sea at Melplash Show 2018

What a wonderful country show on the Dorset Coast!  Surrounded by spectacular beaches and grouped together with the most gorgeous Heavy Horses, we were pleased to have been asked to honour the horses of WW1 with our 100 year tribute show.

We have learnt so much this year about the horses of WW1 from our own research but also from the stories told to us by show visitors, and Melplash was no exception.  With one particular story from a lovely lady who is 96 years old about her brave father who fought in the first world war, who had to leave his artillery horse behind, which left me in tears.  We also heard about a local horse who was incredibly lucky to have returned home from the War and how a local lady’s broodmare is now pregnant with that horse’s great great grand-foal.

What we love so much about shows (as well as performing!) is talking to people between our performances and hearing their stories as well as talking to them about our beautiful horses.  I am very grateful to have 8 such lovely horses who we, as a team here at The Cavalry of Heroes, get to work with everyday.

At Melplash Show, we had six of our boys with us (Guinness, D’artagnon, Zorro, Curioso, Harry and Apollo) all enjoying the fresh sea air!  They performed beautifully and we couldn’t have been prouder of them and all the hard work that Marc has done in training them to form this very special relationship.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the organisers of the show (especially Lucy who was there to greet us with a smile when we arrived and couldn’t have been more helpful) and the stewards in the horse area in their stylish white coats making sure everything went smoothly and seeing us safely to and from the main arena.

Also a special thank you to Mark Margetts for his excellent photography.

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From all the team at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day!

The Cavalry of Heroes xx

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