Jousting at the Game of Thrones Festival in Kent

What a fantastic time had by The Cavalry of Heroes team at Thronefest!  Game of Thrones fans put together an excellent event to celebrate all things related to the George R Martin books and to the film series.  Filled with actors from the TV series as well as appearances from the animal stars; the wolves and the ravens.

The Cavalry of Heroes Thronefest Game of Thrones Medieval Jousting Lannister vs Stark

We were asked to attend to put on a Game of Thrones inspired Jousting Tournament, with our Knights on horseback and what fun we had!  As some of our riders have been fortunate enough to ride as part of the TV series under The Devils Horsemen, we made the most of who they looked like, so let me introduce to you: King of the North (after coming back from holiday in Barbados), Marjory Tyrell, Big Finger and the Golden Lannister!The Cavalry of Heroes Thronefest Game of Thrones Medieval Jousting Jon Snow

On the first show of the day we had an audience that was 6 people deep around the arena with those at the front having to sit down to allow for those at the back to see. Most of the lovely crowd were cheering for the King of the North, representing house Stark (“what are we doing here… we should all be riding north…. We need to head north to fight the white walkers” – in your best Yorkshire accent!).  The atmosphere was buzzing, and the riders and horses loved it!

Thronefest The Cavalry of Heroes Game of Thrones Themed Medieval Jousting Sword Fight Stark vs Baelish Terry Marsh

Not only were we jousting we were asked to provide some terrifying White Walkers on horses, including the Night King himself. Special mention has to go to our two White Walker riders who did an absolutely superb job terrifying the visitors as they came through the gates.  You might recognise the two horses as Asgard and Zorro, our beautiful black Friesians.

Thronefest The Cavalry of Heroes Game of Thrones Themed Medieval Jousting Whitewalker on Horse

Our other horses at the show included our beautiful Andalusian Stallion Curioso Maximus, our Irish Cob X Guinness and our appaloosa brothers Harry and Apollo.

For its first year, this celebration of all things Game of Thrones, was brilliant and can only get better in the future.  Well done to the event organisers and volunteers who you could tell just loved being able to be a part of such a great day.  A special thank you to the mother and daughter team who were looking after our horse area and escorting us to and from the arena – thank you.

The Cavalry of Heroes Thronefest Game of Thrones Medieval Jousting Tyrell vs Baelish Little Finger

With a long drive back home ahead of us from Kent, The Cavalry of Heroes team set off back home to the Welsh Border, with only a little regret that it hadn’t been a two day festival as being near the seaside in Kent was rather lovely.

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From all the team at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day!

The Cavalry of Heroes xx