The Snow must go on… performing at Delapre Abbey

What a magical start to our show season with the 900 years of history opening at Delapre Abbey and getting to perform our Medieval Jousting Knights on Horseback Show in the snow!

The Cavalry of Heroes Knights on Horseback performing their Medieval Jousting Show in the snow at Delapre Abbey
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It was a travelling through time extravaganza and The Cavalry of Heroes team were there in all our finery to perform one of our Medieval Jousting Displays. Featuring our Prince Harry (or as the lovely lady in the audience shouted Prince Phillip!), Lady Lancelot and our infamous Dark Knight Lord Pendragon.

And magically it snowed! We actually got to perform our Jousting show in the snow to a wonderful audience who braved the elements outside as well as a lot more who stayed indoors and cheered from the big windows of the grand house (Marc and I later learnt that there were really warm radiators by each window which the team made use of towards the end of the day when temperatures dropped close to zero).

Our beautiful Andalusian horse Curioso Maximus blended in well with the snow being as shiny white as ever and Guinness enjoyed taking a turn as The Dark Knight’s trusted steed performing his horse stunts and tricks to perfection.

The horses were pampered with heating, nice bigs rugs and lots of hay to eat. Overall a great start to the season and we are now all definitely looking forward to some summer sunshine!

It was a pleasure to get to walk around the renovations at the Abbey which have taken the last five years to complete and meet some wonderful craftsmen including Georgians and a Victorian Magic Lantern expert – moving pictures before cameras, amazing.

Thanks to Delapre Abbey for hosting such a marvellous event and to everyone who braved the weather to come and watch our Knights battle it out on the Jousting field.

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From all the team at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day and stay warm!