First Stop on the European Tour – Medieval Jousting Stunt Show at Flavours of Fingal Show, Ireland

It sounds like the start of a really good joke… what do you get when Four Knights, Three Squires, Four Horses and One Princess travel to Ireland?

The Answer:  An absolutely brilliant Medieval Jousting Horse Stunt Show at a remarkable event – The Flavour of Fingal, Country Show, Ireland.

With wonderful hospitality from this great show,  a very enthusiastic audience and the sun shining the whole weekend, a marvellous time was had by all who came with us and saw us at this fantastic show.

Sir Lancelot made his first appearance with The Cavalry of Heroes and smashed it, riding Curioso Maximus, our white Andalusian Stallion.  He got two good strikes in against Sir Agravaine, but in a twist of fate received two knockout blows from our Dark Knight Lord Pendragon.  It looked like all was lost for our Golden Knight and Sir Lancelot until a sword fight ensued with a hilarious outcome.

Lots of trick riding and horse stunts including Roman Riding and falls were seen in this full on show.  The Knights even having a tete-a-tete with some Vikings.  All in all a really memorable weekend.And of course, the real stars of our show, our horses, Guinness (how could we not take the sweetest Irish Cob on a visit back to Ireland), Curioso Maximus, Harry and Apollo.  They were such wonderful boys for the whole trip, performing like the true stars they are.Our biggest thank you to our amazing team who made the whole show such a success and which still brings smiles to all those who attended.  A big thank you as well to the show organisers who put on such a splendid free event – long may it continue!

Please enjoy some of the lovely images taken by the very talented Lisa Lucas, our official photographer, and if you have any images of your own from this great show then please share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tagging @cavalryofheroes as we’d love to see them, and our Knights love responding to fan mail.

Take care all and we’ll see you really soon at our next show in four days time.

The Knights and Horses of The Cavalry of Heroes x

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