The Golden Knight Sir William Celebrating his Victory over Sir Baldric by Roman Riding in the Sudeley Medieval Easter Jousting Tournament

Smashing Lances and Visitor Records at Sudeley Castle Easter Joust 2017

What a day!  Easter Sunday saw four of our Knights descend on Sudeley castle to battle it out in our first joust of the season.  The Dark Knight was in full form and the horses ready to show off their new tricks learnt over their winter training.  His Majesty King Henry VIII was also in attendance giving his royal seal of approval on the proceedings and taunting his arch nemesis The Dark Knight.

Sudeley Castle Easter Joust - Andy Keenan - Stroud Camera Club - Dark Knight against Blue Knight

Not only did lances get smashed but so did visitor records with thousands turning up to visit the castle and cheer on the jousting despite the rain in the afternoon!  A wonderful feature then appeared in the Gloucestershire Echo, the next day: Thrills and Spills in the Joust, much to the delight of Golden Knight as his hair took centre stage and so did our beautiful Friesian Stallion Asgard with his equally long flowing mane.

Gloucestershire Echo - The Cavalry of Heroes Jousting at Sudeley Castle

We have some beautifully epic shots from the talented Stroud Camera Club capturing the concentration of our Golden Knight Sir William as well as Sir Balric and King Louis as they prepare themselves for the competition.

With cheering crowds and lots of chance for the Knights to meet their fans and visitors, great fun was had by all. The Knights thoroughly enjoyed camping in the shadow of the castle and experience the ghostly goings on.  We even had a friendly peacock stop by to say hello.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of the day including the excellent team at Sudeley Castle, Sian, Kim and the volunteers who made the day such a success and so atmospheric. We couldn’t have wish for a better start to the year.

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From all the Knights at The Cavalry of Heroes, have an epic rest of the day!

Photos by the ever talented Lisa Lucas Photography, and Stroud Camera Club.