Surprise cutting of the ribbon!

Sir Hugh Calvary and King Richard II were in attendance today opening an outstanding new playground near Beeston Castle.

Charging in on his noble steed Sir Hugh galloped to meet King Richard at the entrance.  With much cheering and encouragement from the crowd, Sir Hugh cut through the ribbon with only one strike of his sword!

Once the playground was open, King Richard II buried a time capsule with the help of local children.  This was in memory of the local legend that King Richard II burried his treasure at Beeston Castle only to be arrested and never to return.  The treasure was never found and is still missing. Hopefully the same won’t happen to the time capsule.  Thanks to The Journey Man (pictured above) for all the fantastic storytelling.

The children then had the opportunity to meet the knights and learn some Knight skills in our energetic knight school, learning to pose heroically, defend their fellow Knights and joust against real Knights before trying on some armour.

All in all a fantastic day.  Our dashing King Richard II was played by Wolfie Hughes and Sir Hugh Calvary by Marc Lovatt riding Guinness.