How much attention do you get when driving a horse and carriage?

The answer is probably more than you ever get driving anything else – except maybe a zebra (yes, someone – not us – has put a zebra in harness!). Positive comments come from all directions and the feeling of driving a horse in a competition or simply for a jaunt down the country lanes to the pub is exhilarating and time well spent in our opinion. Driving is great for those who are no longer able (or willing!) to get onto the back of a horse but still want to enjoy achieving a new relationship with horses.  Here at The Cavalry of Heroes, Marc Lovatt teaches both people and horses to drive a carriage.

The Cavalry of Heroes - Driving Bennington Horse and Carriage through Weobley

We have horses that are used for agricultural work (harrowing and grass cutting) and others that are used to pull carriages, and you can learn to drive them all in a safe and experienced environment.  Lessons are available for complete beginners learning to drive a single, to more intermediate drivers wanting to drive a pair of horses. Just get in contact to let us know what you would like to achieve and we can start your addiction to driving horses. Marc also teaches horses to accept harness and drive a carriage so if you have your own horse that you would like to get driving then get in contact.  Please be aware though that not all horses are made for driving but rest assured we will be honest with you if your horse isn’t particularly suited to the profession before we accept them on the yard for training. So prepare to get the driving bug or if you know someone who would like a gift to learn to drive horses then consider one of our Gift Vouchers for a Driving Experience with a difference.  Contact us for more information on any of the above.