What would you like to achieve with your horse while in livery?

The Cavalry of Heroes - Marc Lovatt riding Buckbeak horse on the Flat, training, livery, Herefordshire and Wales

It’s a question that we are always asking ourselves and our clients.  Sometimes, my response is simple and it is just that we want to enjoy some chilled out time hacking.  Other times, I’m determined to get Guinness to jump at least one jump!

But most importantly, the answer I get most, is that our clients want a supportive environment so that they can make the most out of their time with their horses and they are pleased to say that this is what we provide with our livery facilities.

With horses that are well looked after by BHS qualified and experienced staff, and relaxed with a good mix of turnout and training, we offer livery to help support you with what you want to achieve with your horse.  While you know that your horse is being well looked after you can concentrate on building your relationship with you horse and developing your partnership to really help you enjoy your time with your horse and achieve what you want to achieve.

As a small, friendly yard, we don’t have spaces available that often, so please Contact Us if you would like to be informed of when a space becomes available