Yes, you can cut grass with horses

And plough, bracken bash, remove logs, harrow, roll, seed, scuffle… the list goes on. Before tractors, horses were abundantly used to assist with agricultural work to support farmers. Nowadays tractors provide a more efficient way of covering large areas but horses are making a comeback.

In areas of Special Scientific Interest, or areas which are inaccessible without creating new roads, horses provide an efficient way of managing grassland and woodland with minimal adverse impact on the environment.

Having worked with the Historical Royal Palace Shires in Richmond Park, Marc has also driven horses in a variety of agricultural pursuits and now supports those who have made this their profession. By using a heavy weight cob who still has excellent pulling power but is smaller and so more manoeuvrable, Marc is able to do more detailed work and by using voice commanded horses it makes it easier to drive in difficult terrain.

So next time you are thinking of cutting the grass or removing that log from the centre of your woodland then do get in contact.

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