Five Reasons to have a Horse and Carriage at your Wedding – as if you need convincing!

Wedding Horse and Carriage at Homme House, Herefordshire from The Cavalry of Heroes

  1. Beautiful Photographs

There is something so special about the arrival of the bride at the ceremony venue, and similarly the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception that can provide the most beautiful photographs. Throw in some confetti, an elegant horse drawn carriage and a good photographer and your photographs will prove timeless. A poignant memory of those very special first moments.

  1. Quality time to spend together

Once you are married and travelling together for the first time to your reception venue, it is a real opportunity to spend some quality time together before the excitement of your reception begins. I will always remember spending this time being driven in a horse drawn carriage and enjoying the time with my new husband relaxing and drinking champagne before being greeted with smiles and applause as we pulled up to the reception venue.

  1. Stunning arrival to wow your guests

Very few guests (or a bride or groom for that matter) will forget an arrival in a beautiful horse drawn carriage. The character of the horses and timeless elegance of the carriage always makes a stunning impression.

  1. The feel good factor

Even before your big day, meeting with the horses and stepping in the carriage to try it out gives you that glowing feeling! Our horses love meeting brides and grooms.

  1. Horses are the best

Yes, I was starting to struggle at this point because the first 4 points are so good, however horses are a versatile and original form of carriage. They are beautiful, characterful animals with a dignified and courageous history. What better example of an enduring relationship to be present on your wedding day than that of horse and mankind.

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