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Marc Lovatt Horsemanship

Ever wondered what it takes to train safe performance horses and driving horses?  Marc shares his knowledge in thoughtful videos and posts about how he develops his relationship and trust with his horses over time.  Training with compassion and understanding to produce safe, dependable horses whose personalities shine through in their versatile roles here at The Cavalry of Heroes.

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Live Shows, Events and Entertainment

“A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre”  UK’s leading Equestrian Display Team performing Medieval Jousting and Trick Riding shows as exciting family entertainment in event arenas across the UK.   Enter to find out about the shows we perform and the lives of the horses who are the real stars of our show.

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Information for event organisers planning an event in our Event Organisers Area.

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Film & TV Horses

Fully insured Horses, Riders and Horse Drawn Carriages, with comprehensive Animal Activities Licence for productions in England and Wales (NPERF30)

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  • Driving Horses, Carriages and Coachmen
  • Experienced Riders and Crew
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Horse Drawn Carriage Hire

Looking to hire a horse drawn carriage?   We have a collection of over 42 horse drawn carriages for hire and some beautiful horses to take you on your journey.  You are in safe hands with professional coachmen and turnouts of the highest (and friendliest!) standard.

Horse Drawn Carriage Hire 

Historical Horses

Heartfelt exploration and research into the role that horses have played in human history by Catherine Anderson-Lovatt.  From anaylisis of what it was like to travel in a coach during 18th Century England, to the types of saddles favoured by jousters and knights.  Exploring horse history and folklore from original sources.

Historical Horses